• ICAM Biometrics * Quantum Application Software * Artificial Intelligence

    Biometric ICAM Continuous Authentication * Quantum Application Emulation Software * Neural Artificial Intelligence Software
  • Multi Biometric + Hardware Phraseology Mapping ICAM OneCard
    Multi Biometrics-Fingerprint-Iris-Facial, Digital Seal update for PKI-Token with Hardware Continuous User Authentication
    Behavioral Analytics Signals Detection* ENW Mapping Protection* Logistics* Big Data
  • Quantum Application Software on Classical-Intelligence Agency Verified
    Quantum Encrypted Data Communications, QFPGA, Quantum in Optical Networks + Massive Parallel Processing software

AMT-USC Solutions

From NASA probes to Army CyberQuest 2020. From creating unhackable Quantum Encrypted Data Communications software for Intelligence and Space Agencies, to DARPA co-developed Quantum AI ICAM for the Military. 

Achieving the world's first Quantum Application Emulation Software working on classical server systems certification from the Intelligence and Defense Agencies, to the world's first Quantum Conversion Gate software that converts Classical data to Quantum for Quantum hyper processing then converts the information back to Classical for the Defense Agencies and now Commercial Organizations world wide.

From White Sands to NRL, offering Quantum enhanced HPC coherent arrayed mirrored servers with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence software Aurora, a Signal and Anomaly Detection system now with Quantum Pattern Recognition. From AI Big Data with lensed filtered analytics for the Pentagon to Quantum enhanced supercomputing time sharing systems and photon entangled networks with the DOE. To Sandia Labs request for AMT-USC to join OIE.

From our third generation "Cost effective non budget busting Quantum hardware with Application software" Quantum QS1-38 Teraflops, QS2-78 Teraflops and QS3-124 Teraflops Super Servers to our Quantum Application Emulation breakthrough Massive Parallel "Solutions" Processing software MPP-2 to the largest fastest Hyper Block 100Tb Data movement in Optical Cable with new releases to Quantum Processing Super Speed time sharing for Colleges to Corporate testing needs.              

Now with our Quantum ICAM, Quantum Encrypted Data Communications, Quantum Networks in Optical, Massive Parallel Processing Software and Qbit2 being the first claim/tested/verified Quantum software by the Intelligence community. 

The AMT-USC solutions are now being acquired and adapted by Energy, Oil, Mining, Banking, Investment, Transportation, Logistics, Shipping, Air Traffic Control, Intelligence Agencies, Smart Cars, Commercial Drone Flight Path control, Person of interest quantum pattern facial recognition, Biometric ICAM, Military Biometric Vehicle access, Fleet Battle Control predictive analytics, to military simulation results in minutes to hours from days to Launch vehicle protection, naming just some of the uses. We have only have just began. 

It’s not just theory anymore...."We turn Quantum Physics into Solutions."

We  bring Quantum to the front edge for smart cars, commercial drone fleet control, facial recognition, data storage, data movement, all emulation systems, battlefleet guidance, biometric vehicle access to flight control producing results improvements.




AMT-USC delivers like none before, setting the standard for others to follow.




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Quantum Software for classical systems, Artificial Intelligence with Quantum processing enhancement and  Biometric ICAM Continuous Authentication -Biometric User Defense System with with Enterprise Networks all End Points Protection.


This is AMT-USC is solutions reengineered and reimagined with Organized Over Arching solutions: ICAM-Enterprise Networks Defense and Quantum Encrypted Communications. There are no quick fixes, there are solutions. The AMT-USC suite of solutions are proactive, elegantly engineered, ultra advanced user and enterprise network defense with protected communications solutions. 


From the Pentagon, to the Joint Chiefs, DISA, DARPA, the DoD, Intelligence Community, Defense Primes Contractors and Global Business Operations....The World is Listening to AMT-USC.

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