• ICAM IDaM Biometrics * Quantum Software * Artificial Intelligence Engines

    Biometric IDaM Authentication-All End Points protection * Quantum Solutions-QEC, QES, QTS, QFPGA Software * AI Logistics-Big Data-ENW Mapping-Behavioral Signal Detection
  • The Most Advanced Multi Biometric -CCA- ICAM IDaM User ID
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence Software Engines
    Behavioral Analytics Signals Detection* ENW Mapping Protection* Logistics* Big Data
  • Quantum Software Solutions Usable on Today's Technology -This is NOW
    Quantum Encrypted Communications*QFPGA Software*Quantum Tunneling*QES

AMT Solutions

From NASA probes to Army CyberQuest 2020, to intelligence unhackable Quantum communications, from photon dual state quantum entanglement in today’s electronic systems, to White Sands to NRL, offering twin coherent mirrored AI Aurora Quantum pattern recognition, to DARPA to the USAF, from AI big data analytics to Quantum enhanced supercomputing high performance systems connecting to photon entangled networks, to the NRC and DoD.

This is here, this is now, this is AMT-USC.



AMT-USC delivers like none before, setting the standard for all others to follow.


AMT-USC is “No Compromise”




  • Federal Agencies
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Homeland Security
  • Department of Defense
  • Joint Chiefs
  • Pentagon
  • Corporations
  • Financial
  • Energy
  • Space Command
  • Missile Command  
  • Marines


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“No Compromise”


Biometric ID User Authentication -Bio Aware and Defend User Authentication -End Point/Server  Malware-Real Time Enterprise Network All Points Monitoring Defense -Instant Global Alert-Respond-Counter Response real time with enhanced software and electro mechanical integration and leading AI-ML adaptive learning....


Zero Trust-Continuous Awareness-All Point Cyber Protection...


This is AMT-USC “No Compromise” Cyber Defense 


From DARPA co-development to the DoD and Federal Security Agencies and now Defense Primes....

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