• World leader in "Bio-Tracker" continuous user cyber defense validation sales

    Behavioral monitoring” continuous user validation authentication cybersecurity software-Insider Threat-Secure Communications-Cyber Security Software Integration
  • Insider Threat Risk Methodologies workflow
    Cyber Intelligence, Threat analysis, Security Intelligence, Crisis Management, Risk Management
  • Secure Encrypted Mass Communications
    Total Alert Mass Notification, MetisAlert Campus Alerting, SafeKey GPS 2WC Locate and Shooter Detection Systems
  • World Leading Software Architects in Custom Software Development
    Custom software premise or cloud application integration, migration, applications, vulnerability, pen testing, white hat, red teams and software development
Mass Notification Software

AMT-USC TotalAlert offers: The fastest delivered Enterprise Mass Notification software in the world against all competitors in seconds... Installs in hours, trains in hours, yet more advanced then all competitive systems. Use your infrastructure or our cloud offering, why buy more hardware?

Mass Notification: Emergency and Special events, IT alerts, HR Alerts, Continual; SafeKey, Verified Communications, Shooter Detection, digital DNA and bio-metrics.Campus Alert solutions.

AMT-USC Total Alert is rated 2nd in Healthcare sales in the US, rated number 1 in transportation and 3rd in global sales rated by independent market research organizations. Over 1300 installations globally with over 3.7 million licensed users.

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Software Architects 

AMT-USC provides custom software development as software architects for Commercial Business, Local/State, Federal and Healthcare needs. Abilities include:

Software Architecture and Engineering (IA& E), SOW custom software development, integration and development, Custom Application-Mobile application development, database integration, security software integration, API interface capability, Infrastructure, , Portal, Cloud database, image storage creation, and infrastructure support.

AMT-USC delivers custom software and application development projects on time and on budget. Isn't it time you brought your development needs to AMT-USC? 

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Bio Presence Authentication Software, Insider Threat Risk Workflow Implementation, PII, PCI, IP tracking (Dark and Deep Web searches), Penetration testing.

Security Intelligence: Country studies/threat assessments, 24/7 accountability and location monitoring of travelers, Intelligence production, Event alerts.

Risk Management (Cyber & Physical): Assessments and mitigation plans, Risk reduction, White hat. 

Threat analysis, Crisis Management, Insider threat, Red Teams, White Teams, Employee verification, Card access GPS tracking, Physical Security, Security Monitoring

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Continuous Bio Presence Authentication 

AMT-USC offers continuous authentication presence integrated single source security software solutions needs. 

BioTracker Protects Against

  • Account Impersonation
  •       Password / Credentials Sharing
  • Stolen Credentials
  • User Substitution
  • Remote Access Trojan
  • Rubber Ducky Attacks
  • Insider Threats
  • User Carelessness

Active Security Clearance: Top Secret /SCI | Nuclear Level 4, UA

 Offering Biometric Identity + Control Access software 

Our technology has been accredited with preventing terrorist agents from infiltrating highly secure training facilities in Afghanistan by using the latest in biometric ID access control. Our P5 ID system provides the next generation in secure ID & access management, This hyper-compression, chip-less passive technology holds as much information than existing chip systems, replacing the need for chip embedded card systems with its patented software allowing it to function without server access. 





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AMT Software

Compatible with desktops, laptops and mobile devices. AMT-USC provides Secure Communication Software (Total Alert, Metis Alert, SafeKey and Shooter Detection), Cyber Security and Software Integration and development for:

  • Federal Agencies
  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Homeland Security
  • Schools
  • City
  • State
  • Corporation
  • Campus
  • Airport
  • Mall
  • Trade shows
  • Healthcare
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