AMT-USC LLC now an authorized reseller in partnership with Plurilock.

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AMT-USC LLC now an authorized reseller in partnership with Plurilock. AMT-SCU LLC officially announces the authorized U.S. sales of Plurilock’s BioTracker, “behavioral monitoring” continuous user validation cybersecurity platform software, by AMT-USC and AMT sister companies.

AMT-USC CEO Hugh Douthit stated “We are excited to add this cutting edge “Bio Sensing” software combined with our Insider Risk methodology response to our “Defense in Depth” security solutions. When further combined with our existing Cyber Defense security software architected integrated solution offerings and TotalAlert, AMT-USC’s secure encrypted communications software this creates the first of its kind defense in depth integrated product set for all clients. This results in creating a paradigm shift in the current security market from cyber defensive client responses to an offensive defense.”

Plurilock’s AI-powered behavior-based platform distinguishes between authorized users and intruders by analyzing the unique behavioral patterns of authorized users and blocking access when unrecognized behavior occurs. Unlike traditional multifactor and CAC-based authentication, which provide only a single-point-in-time identity validation, Plurilock’s proof-of-presence software continuously authenticates users. After being installed, the software takes about 20 minutes to learn users’ keystroke style and speed, mouse use and other behaviors on laptops, desktops, and servers to create a profile. Using this information, Plurilock can then continuously validate that the current user is the authorized user, providing corporations and governments complete visibility into who, when and where users are on the network at all times. Plurilock’s software operates entirely in the background, requires no direct user interaction, and reduces the average breach detection time from more than six months to less than 30 seconds.

 “Data breaches will continue to rise in 2018, therefore, it is more important than ever to secure identity on the workstation. We are excited to be partnering with AMT-USC and have BioTracker sold along with AMT’s existing suite of products,” said Neal Conlon, Sales Director of Plurilock. “Leveraging artificial intelligence and behavioral biometrics in the workplace is efficient and creates a unique level of visibility for cyber strategy building, in addition to a dynamic layer of security for insider threat.”


In business since 1988 AMT has constantly lead security software development with DoD Satellite Based Image Processing 3D security software, RAID-5 security software technology, Healthcare suite solutions, Secure cloud viewing technology, Healthcare suite security software, Cloud security, PCI banking security software to the first Mass Notification secure communications software. AMT-USC now offers “Defense in Depth” software security “offensive” protection suite of cutting edge security software products. AMT is certified VOSB with the VA, NSA, DoD, NATO. AMT-USC now has over 1300 global security software installations. The company has been and is a continuous leader in cutting edge “Defense in Depth” security software solutions.

About Plurilock

Plurilock Security Solutions is a real-time cybersecurity solution that uses artificial intelligence to identify, prevent, and eliminate insider threats, securing the enterprise and ensuring compliance with requirements in financial, healthcare, and federal organizations. Our flagship product, BioTracker, continuously monitors how users interact with keyboard, mouse and or/touchscreen to compute a unique biometric signature for that user. We combine these biometrics, along with cognitive, contextual and network signals in our risk engine to detect and take action on attackers in real-time. Our solution provides continuous authentication for enterprises to detect and prevent cyber-attacks before they occur. This is unparalleled proactive security measures compared to today’s common reactive solutions.


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