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Latest news bulletin

07/16/17 AMT adds physical security and security monitoring services product solutions in new partnership.

07/01/17 AMT-USC wins two major contracts for over $ 3 million for EISS Enterprise Integrated Security Solutions solutions.

06/20/17 AMT-USC adds Blackbox and Keystone Solutions as Channel Partners of AMT Solutions.

05/01/17 Press release on AMT-USC Secure Communications, Cyber Security and Software Integration and Development suite.

04/01/17 AMT expands Cyber security offerings solutions.

03/17/17 AMT-USC begins medical systems roll out with SKAE Power Solutions.

03/10/17 AMT-USC and CSRA begin work on Federal System activity.

02/28/17 AMT-USC generates another $1 M in software development SOW's.

02/15/17 AMT-USC now has $3.5 million in proposals with CDW

01/11/17 AMT has now generated over $1.5 million in active proposals with Avant, CDW and CDWG clients.

01/10/17 AMT begins rollout of Total Alert and Software Development services with CDW Healthcare, CDWG Federal Systems and CDWG Federal Contractor business units. AMT and CDWG agree to a hyper focus with the Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities US wide. 

01/05/17 AMT rolls out software development offerings and augmented services for commercial, healthcare, federal contractors and federal with all Avant/CDW/CDWG business units gaining immediate activity with 3 software development projects upon introduction of offerings needs with Avant and CDW existing customers.

01/03/17 AMT completes Total Alert training with all CDWG Local/State Regions.

12/06/16 CDW/Avant agrees for AMT software solutions to sold by CDW/Avant as MRC, Annualized and Direct price offerings offered as Cloud, Cloud-Premise and Premise based solutions. AMT integrates 2 data centers and 2 back up centers for cloud sales and installations. Offering Azure, Dell and Amazon cloud data centers and managed cloud services.

12/02/16 AMT receives CDW order for General Dynamics sale of Total Alert! AMT/DTA installs Total Alert software and trains GD staff the same day.

11/30/16 AMT generates $464k in active proposals with CDW Dairyland and PNW groups and has closed $237k in new business with CDW In November 2016.

11/23/16 AMT provides Total Alert software training for CDW State and Local Pacific Northwest Group.

11/17/16 AMT provides Total Alert software training for CDW AIM State and Local Dairyland Group, implemented and managed expertly by Steve Whittles of CDW.

11/16/16 AMT wins VA Orlando software sale.

11/15/16 AMT Conducts presentation with the Veterans Administration TAC executive group (VA Technology Acquisition Center) with high accolades from TAC and positive move forward engagement plans to conduct business.


11/02/16 AMT/ISS initiate product training and US wide rollout with Avant/CDW AIM City/State and Federal Contractor business units.

11/01/16 Avant/CDW generate first AMT/ISS product quotes to customers.

10/31/16 AMT/ISS and Avant/CDW sign Master Distribution Agreement and 3 Way Sales agreement for sales and distribution of all AMT/ISS Product offerings.


10/24/16 AMT receives approval to present product offerings to VA Office of Acquisition Operations TAC (Technology Acquisition Center) for November 16th, 2016.  

10/20/16 AMT/ISS and Avant/CDW initiate 4 region US wide sales launch of AMT Total Alert mass notification software solution with the Avant/CDW/CDWG "AIM" group.

10/15/16 AMT product SKU's, product descriptions and transfer pricing accepted and entered into AVANT/CDW/CDWG re-biller system allowing AVANT/CDW/CDWG to directly quote AMT product solutions.

10/05/16 AMT fully On-Boards AMT products Total Alert with upgrades, Software Development and more products with AVANT/CDW/CDWG.

10/01/16 Major press announcement between CGM and AMT:

10/01/16 AMT ISS web page exceeds 2,500 hits for one month!


09/28/16 AMT and Shooter Detection Systems agree to cooperate on product sales of Total Alert moving forward to include the Guardian Active Shooter Detection as a fully integrated and tested solution. 


09/27/16 AMT wins VA Orlando medical facility medical software sale. 

09/22/16 AMT by Veterans Affairs invitation attends a VA conference call with the VA Director of Procurement on for updates and immediate VA move forward requirements based on the Kingdomware supreme court ruling and court order  "Rule of Two" for VA first order court order for VOSB and SDVOSB suppliers. AMT is a VA VOSB Certified supplier. 

09/20/16 AMT and CDW have sales kick off meeting with multiple CDW and Avant direct customer executives for Total Alert and Software Development.


08/28/16 AMT receives VA assigned vendor code and VA Tungsten Invoice payment vendor code and approval.

08/20/16 AMT fully on-boards Total Alert and software development solutions with Avant Communications and CDW. 


07/20/16 AMT and Patrocinium agree to co market and integrate product offerings. AMT adds Patrocinium offerings onto the Avant/CDW distribution contract. 


07/10/16 AMT and AVANT Communications agree to a National Kick off of Total Alert to include 454 dealer partners for September 2016.


06/02/16 AMT is now a National Security Agency NSA/IC ARC approved certified vendor.


05/27/16 AMT is now Global with active "Total Alert" proposals in Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Japan and Taiwan. 


05/23/16  HR Informatik AG  is now a AMT dealer  for the sales and distribution AMT TotalAlert in Western Europe.


05/20/16 Avant Communications moves forward with  AMT product roll out of Total Alert in the US commercial market  beginning June 2016.


05/19/16 AMT is now an approved vendor with the top three US federal security agencies for TotalAlert.


05/18/16 Genco International is now a AMT dealer  for the sales and  distribution of  AMT TotalAlert for global Total Alert sales. 


05/15/16 22nd Century agrees to sell and distribute AMT Total Alert to US federal agencies.


05/01/16 AMT Receives "Vets First" Certification from the Veterans Administration!  AMT is an approved firm and is now  eligible to participate in Veteran-Owned Service (VOSB) and SDVOSB set-asides issued by VA.  They are eligible to subcontract with VA’s large prime contractors in acquisitions where additional evaluation credit.  AMT is also eligible to participate in VA’s Veteran-Owned Small Business Mentor-Protégé Program and is working with Boeing in this program.  VA is one of the largest procurement organizations in the Federal Government.  Annually, this Department spends over $3 Billion with eligible Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. 


04/26/16 AMT adds digital DNA and biometrics offering option for TotalAlert.


04/10/16 AMT add options for Beacon help stations, 4D building, geospatial GPS, crowd sourcing, instant and media situation awareness to AMT TotalAlert.


04/03/16 AMT starts product education with Avant Communications for CDW, PCC, ePlus and Liquid PC selling of AMT TotalAlert 


04/02/16 AMT signs partner agreement with Acula International.


04/01/16 AMT signs partner agreement with Totoku.


03/30/16 Rick Donnelly, Vice President of World Wide Sales Operations, Coimmvault, Inc. ($155.7 Million in sales) has agreed to chair an Honorary Board Member position on the Board of Directors of AMT.


03/29/16 Larry Davenport, CEO of the MIT Group, a powerhouse software development organization, has agreed to chair an Honorary Board Member Advisor position on the Board of Directors for AMT.


03/27/16 AMT is launching a cutting edge product that is DHS certified. The new AMT solution is a crisis or situation SmartTech X-Ray encrypted transmission software with situation analytics.


03/24/16 AMT now has major PACS and PACS/RIS available in new partnership with Avreo. Avreo now on SWEP-V and CIO-CS in partnership with AMT Federal contracts. Search under AMT. 


03/21/16 AMT now offers CGM EMR, EHR and Healthcare Billing Software, cloud based for private, commercial and Federal customers, all offered on SEWP-V, CIO-CS, NetCents and Vendormate purchasing contract vehicles. Search under AMT. 


03/10/16 Avant Communications with CDW have completed a fully executed sales contract with AMT for sale of AMT software solutions. Avant Communication and CDW will begin selling AMT software products immediately in all 50 states via their AIM sales teams. Sales will be to healthcare, small to large business, education, city/state and Federal business groups with Avant Communications and CDW. 


3/13/16 AMT TotalAlert is the number one selling software solution.


03/01/16 AMT is now Diversity Vendor Certified for business with all medical facilities and clinics at: 

"Kaiser Permanente, Baptist, Baylor Health, Baylor Scott White, UHS, Mercy, St. Lukes, UTSW, UNC, UWV, Broward, Bayshore, Archbold Healthcare and Medical Groups. Additionally with the State of Florida and all agencies."


02/20/16 AMT receives verification with our Federal Systems partner that the AMT Medical Grade Monitors and AMT DAQ healthcare billing software are now on SWEP-V and CIO-CS Federal Purchase Vehicles and available for purchase by Federal Agencies.


02/17/16 AMT receives  "Veteran Owned Small Business Diversity" Vendor Certification with Broward Health Systems and Bayshore Healthcare for sale and purchase of AMT products.


02/11/16 AMT receives State of Florida "Veteran Owned Small Business Diversity" Certification!


2/10/16 Major announcement coming in April 2016.


AMT started September 2011.

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