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Major Press Release Announcement 04-24-2014
Hugh Douthit
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Major Press Release Announcement 04-24-2014

AMT-AmVet Medical Technologies and EMD Software Systems, Inc., have announced today 04-24-2014 a new signed joint venture agreement between the two firms. AMT is now the exclusive sales and marketing for all EMD software development capabilities and products in the US and Europe.


EMD and its 45 engineers will be the power behind all products developed that will now be sold through AMT moving forward. This includes OEM, licensed products, and intellectual properties developed for the healthcare IT market. EMD specializes in the development of fully functional applications, plug-in modules, and SDK packages, developed for small to large medical resellers, partners, dealers, PACS, RIS, ERH, EMR companies, CT, MR, DR and Digital Plate organizations and Medium to Large hospitals and the federal government.


Hugh Douthit, CEO of AMT stated “This is an exciting joint venture agreement that will propel both companies into a solid and growing future.  With EMD’s software development capabilities and product offerings for the healthcare information technology market we have expanded our reach and raised the bar for other companies to follow within medical software solutions.”


Pat Mulcahy, CEO of EMD Software Systems stated “It was a natural and obvious fit.  AMT has the sales and marketing reach to provide EMD with sales results that we would otherwise be unachievable. I look forward to explosive sales growth for both companies. We are ecstatic over the fact that we can have our development staff focus on dong what they do best, developing new and innovative products, instead of moonlighting as sales people. We already develop solutions for many organizations and look forward to the challenges of ever pushing the bar higher for healthcare IT and a very successful joint venture.”


About AMT:

 A top supplier of medical software solutions to the medical marketplace for commercial, private and government medical needs since 2011. Offering medical software and application development, Desktop Alert and OrthoView software solutions. AMT can be viewed at: http://amvetmedicaltech.com



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