AMT-USC, LLC, (American Made Technologies) the world leader in next generation defense in depth enterprise security solutions, this is here, this is now, this is AMT-USC: 

  • BioTracker, “behavioral monitoring” continuous user validation software-AI driven
  • Continuous Biometric Identity and Control Access
  • Instant Continuous Threat Assessment-AI driven
  • Continuous Insider Threat with Risk Management and Response
  • Secure Encrypted Mass Notification and Campus Alerting
  • Software Architects-Application-Integration-Development-Continuous VAPT
  • Continuous Shooter Detection Systems

AMT-USC, we protect your networks, servers, systems, staff and corporate property by Continuously monitoring your integrated security into a proactive continuously monitored defense like never before. All 

1600 customers and growing in Healthcare, Defense, Federal, Transportation, Colleges, Commercial and Local State in the U.S and 7 countries are using AMT-USC Defense in Depth enterprise software solutions. At AMT-USC we mitigate the risk for our clients. We secure you premise networks, your intellectual property, your research, the cloud, your staff, your software and your infrastructure. In the world today, protection is of paramount importance.

We provide the leading edge of defense in depth enterprise security-AI driven.

With AMT-USC Executive leaders and staff experience, we offer the top experts in the field of Biometric ID and CA, Bio Presence Authentication, Threat Analysis, Insider Threat, Secure Communications and Campus Alerting. Software Architect's in-cloud, security, application, Integration + custom development. Resulting in single source security data base and portal access with near instant communications with cutting edge "bio presence" end point authentication and updates. 


Plurilock’s AI-powered behavior-based platform distinguishes between authorized users and intruders by analyzing the unique behavioral patterns of authorized users and blocking access when unrecognized behavior occurs. Unlike traditional multifactor and CAC-based authentication, which provide only a single-point-in-time identity validation, Plurilock’s proof-of-presence software continuously authenticates users.


The P5-ID represents the next generation of biometric ID and access control systems. This chip-less system holds more information than existing chip systems and has the highest level of encryption on market. Uses include State Department Issued Identification, Large Event Ticketing and Management, Campus/University Identification Cards, High Security Facility Management and Critical Infrastructure Security Management.


Our risk-based solutions are designed to identify, prevent, detect, respond, and recover information assets from IT sabotage, fraud, and theft. Our primary three service offerings include insider threat program development and management, internal investigations, and training and education.


By providing system architecture analysis or complete new system architecture combined with software integration, application development, migration, pen and vulnerability testing and custom software development from the most experienced security software developers in the market today. Cloud, cloud/premise, mobile and premise. Reputation counts, ours is known for delivery of on time, on budget, field tested solutions-everytime.


VX/VX2 is your intelligence force multiplier threat analysis. Create actionable intel with our powerful next-gen open source intelligence (OSINT) collection program. Using a low code/no code data analytics environment, you can quickly produce user defined dashboards and sophisticated threat assessments while having the drill-down visibility to areas of focus. VX1 is ideal for private sector use while VX2 is designed for government, military, and law enforcement operations.This matched with our Biometric ID and Control Access and Continuous User Authentication software maximizes your cyber security to a new offensive level.


Allowing immediate dissemination, reaction and response, securely, safely, rapidly and protected. AMT-USC delivers updated integration of usable existing security software and database information combined with new cutting edge defense and database access solutions. AMT-USC can integrate your building systems, access control systems, video systems, giant voice systems, fire systems, intrusion systems, shooter detection systems, even pagers and in place monitor systems all into one access portal for control, response and instant communication. This is from the most advanced, awarded and certified secure communication system that communicate to all technology (Smart Phones, Laptops, Desktops, IP Phones, Giant Voice, Monitors and more). AMT-USC provides integration of your media awareness, situation awareness, security monitoring software, physical security, network security, security monitoring services into one access portal, this results in One to Many, One to Media. The only standards built system certified and used by the DoD, NATO and major commercial corporations and defense contractors with "Bio Presence" end point authentication.  


AMT-USC provides MetisAlert Campus Wide Alerting with Mesh and FM networks for continued communication in your organization when the internet goes down during events combined with two way communication pads and blue poles alert stations combined with situation site awareness. All routed, managed, protected, defended and communicated in seconds. When safety matters, time matters. We protect your Networks, Property, People, Transportation, Buildings, Offices, Campuses and Parking Garages.


AMT-USC integrates your security needs by allowing your staff to securely communicate while combining your existing and newly added security software to a single protected database portal. We further secure your networks with end point bio presence, biometric control access, Bio tracking continuous authentication software insider threat software, continuous threat analysis and programs then implement security monitoring software, this is real cyber and insider threat protection. working in tangent with continuous penetration testing, risk analysis. Providing your company’s total protection. AMT-USC creates the workflow response process, offers ongoing continuous monitoring and provides employee video training and documentation. Proactive, not reactive, this is time to implement a complete security systems and process.


Being the leader in the security filed, we address this as a cohesive integrated enterprise ecosystem security approach.  AMT-USC is a Highly Active Cyber Services solutions organization. By using our expertise, we provide the security and value our clients need, respect and support. By giving our clients the ability to implement, manage and control their security. This is here, this is now. By planning, managing and implementing your proactive response, you no longer a reactive defense. With AMT-USC you are educated, protected and ready for the world brings; today, tomorrow and the future. 

NASA Chief Technologist stated "AMT-USC has created the most comprehensive integrated security solution set for the current perfect security storm seen or presented to date."

AMT-USC providing proactive integrated safety and security for our customers. This is here, this is now, this is AMT-USC.

Biometric ID and Control Access, BioTracker “behavioral monitoring” continuous authentication user validation, Insider Risk, Threat Analysis, Secure Communications, Campus Alerting with Mesh/FM networks and Software application/migration/integration/pen/vulnerability testing and software development.

  • About AMT-USC
  • Our History
  • Principals

AMT-USC is a highly technical unified security software solutions provider offering:


  • BioTracker, “behavioral monitoring” continuous user validation software -Biometric Control Access
  • Cyber Security-Insider Threat
  • Secure Encrypted Mass Notification
  • Software Architects-Application Integration-Development

 solutions delivery organization for federal, commercial and healthcare needs. 


AMT-USC is a State of Florida Diversity Certified DVOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business). Veterans Administration CVE "VETS FIRST" with the DoD, DHS and the NSA IC/ARC. AMT-USC products are DISA,  ISO-270001, NST 800-171 + 800-53, NFA-RB and SANS CSC certified. Federally SAM, SBA and D+B Verified company.


AMT-USC products are listed on the SEWP-V, ITESCHESS, NetCents and CIO-CS federal contract vehicles. All AMT-USC products are listed on Vendormate and Med Assets purchase vehicles.


AMT-USC products are licensed for resale with our master distribution channel partners: AVANT Communications, CSRA, CDW/CDW-G, GDLS, SKAE Power Solutions, Liquid PC and BlueTech. 


AMT-USC is a Diversity Certified Vendor with and has provides solutions to Daimler-US, Mitsubishi, Scottrade, McCormick Place, General Dynamics, Motorola, Boeing, Harris Corporation, Baylor Scott & White, Baptist Health Center, Mercy, Bayshore, Broward Health and Kaiser, Ochsner, UCH, WVU, UT Main, UT Dallas Medical and Healthcare groups, IRS, NSA, the DoD, DISA, DLA, NATO, FEMA and more. With clientele like these, is it time for you to call AMT-USC?

Our executives are all previous owners of successful large companies built and sold, they are: Our executives grew Inacom Information Systems to be sold to Compaq/HP,  founded and grew STG sold to ERDAS, founded Pace Technologies that was sold to HP. 


At AMT-USC, we have a rich history of product innovation, and are a market leader in deliverables. The executive team assembled with “AMT” were the creators of the first satellite digital mapping software, the first GPS/GIS software that was deployed and used with our troops in Desert Storm by STG, Inc. The creators of the first RAID 5 controller board and RAID 5 software sold to Barnett Banks and HP. Additionally, members of our team co-founded and pioneered several PACS companies introducing some of the first PACS offerings into the north American market with Intelerad and Viztek. We developed the first Mobile RIS software. We developed some of the first GEO Spatial software. We were pioneers in cloud development and are leaders with SaaS Solutions. We pioneered Mass Notification software.


We have designed, created and delivered software to some of the biggest names among Federal contractors, commercial business and healthcare. We have expanded with digital DNA/Biometrics, instant situation awareness, 24x7 security monitoring, geospatial GPS with encrypted NSA approved secure communication software. We have delivered security solutions to some of the biggest Federal Agencies and commercial companies in the market.


Founded October of 2011, now in our 7th year, we are focused on providing enterprise bio presence authentication, mass notification secure communication solutions, insider threat cyber security and software integration and development.


AMT-USC delivers industry specific counseled and integrated end to end solutions that support our  BioTracker “behavioral monitoring” continuous user validation, Insider Risk, Secure Communications, Cyber Security software and Software application/migration/integration and software development for complete security, strategic, operational and financial goals. We deliver deep industry expertise in strategizing and implementing technology software creation, change and integration while working collaboratively with industry leaders and our partners to create or integrate software processes and solutions to organizational objectives. Global in delivery capabilities, local in perspective.


We offer AMT Total Alert the leading in BioTracker “behavioral monitoring” continuous user validation, Insider Risk, Secure Communications, Cyber Security software and Software application/migration/integration and software development.The first most comprehensive total software security solutions today. AMT-USC is a cutting edge leading power house in security software solutions rising to number 2 in the US market with the only one of its kind, Number 1 solution BioTracker “behavioral monitoring” continuous user validation  This is best of class products, companies and personnel and we stand behind everything we sell.  


Corporate offices located in Orlando, Florida.


AMT-USC: Delivering software solutions of tomorrow today. Secure communications-mass notification software, Cyber security and software integration and development, situation awareness, geospatial GPS and more....


Chief Executive Officer/President

Hugh Eric Douthit


Founding Partner, CEO/President of AMT-USC LLC. Directing a visionary Defense in Depth Security software solutions company offering bio Sensing Continuous Authentication software with Behavioral tracking - Insider Threat software and processes- Biometric Control Access - Secure Mass Notification Communications - Security Software Architect Integration-migration-application-pen and vulnerability testing with custom development organization.

Driven from the complete security ecosystem understanding of Defense in Depth Security software solutions via premise to cloud based or SaaS software enterprise security systems.

A career history has that has included positions with Materialize, Konica Minolta-Viztek, Intelerad Medical Systems, Siemens, Phillips, Inacom Information Systems (now HP), Sears Business Systems, Satelco-MCI, Pepsico, Pace Technologies, STG-Satellite Technologies Group.

Designed and created one the first GIS/GPS systems. Designer and creator of RAID 5 controller board technology and RAID 5 software as founder of PACE Technologies. With major executive management experience in software development, secure communications and security software.

30 years of executive, software design and engineering, engineering sales management, entrepreneur, technical design and product design.

Served 4 years in the US Army under George Patton Jr. in the 2nd Armored “Hell on Wheels” Division.

Executive Board Member with the USF Cyber Security Board-State of Florida.




AMT Active Board Members/Honorary Board Business Advisers: 

Larry Davenport, CEO of the MIT Group

Rick Donnelly, Global VP of Sales, Commvault

Rick Inatome, Former CEO of Inacom Information Systems (now HP)

John Monville, CEO of Desktop Alert 



AMT-USC CBDO-VP Sales and Marketing 

Darrell Hearne

Darrell Hearne, successful business owner,  previously owned or was employed by major IT solution providers including most recently in coordination with  ZZ Servers as National Sales Director for business development, ZZ offers Data Mining, Enterprise SAAS and CRM solutions with PCI-HIPPA-SOX compliance solutions. SunCoast Media and video Productions where Darrell was Owner, Pres./ CEO media company specializing in media, advertising, SEO/SEM streaming video productions and media programs for corporate clients, business owners, commercial customers, local, state and federal government agencies. CNC Computer Network Consultants Darrell was the Owner, Pres./ CEO of CNT a IT provider, specializing in computers, SAAS, and CRM solutions. Sales of IT equipment, business software and tech services to Fortune 5000 corporations, commercial businesses, the military and medical. Darrell brings years of professional technical sales to AMT. Darrell is a proven goal-oriented leader, team builder, excellent problem solving skills. Rapport skills with diverse individuals from many different ethic origins, backgrounds/professions. Persuasive communicator, excellent orator, exemplary written skills. Experienced team leader, extensive recruiting experience, excellent at recognizing and developing talent. IT - Computer proficiency and solid organizational skills. 


AMT-USC Chief of Client Services

Dan Kadunce, PhD


Dan has a long professional history in technology sales and business development, including 20+ years in the Healthcare industry. He offers his expertise in client services, including operations, product development & management, sales, marketing, and executive recruitment. Dan has a keen understanding of Hospital and Healthcare system infrastructure with many years in business development and clinical product management.  Dan brings a diverse background to AMT-USC after earning a PhD in Neurobiology and Anatomy with extensive research on physiology of early brain development.  Dan’s vast experience combined with his impressive work history make him a major asset at AMT-USC. Dan is charged with managing the Healthcare and Local/State/Federal Government verticals of 



Master Distribution Partner Sales

Carl Hinkelman

Carl was originally from Michigan and currently lives in Florida. He attended Western Michigan University and received my Bachelor of Business Administration degree and I received my Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Florida.  He has spent more than 25 years analyzing the needs of clients and developing solutions for them.  Importantly Carl worked on maintenance, development, conversion, installation, training and consulting on a variety of software systems and platforms.  Carl oversees all US Channel Partner Sales.





Business Development Executive, Sales/Installation and Training: Central US Region

Jean Moe Prince


Business Development Executive Sales, Installation and Training: Gulf Coast Region

Julia Barecki


Business Development Executive: Sales, Installation and Training; East Coast Region

Phil Harvey 

AMT Federal NAICS codes

  • 511210 Software Publishers
  • 541511 Custom Computer Software Programming Services
  • 541519 Other Software Installation Services
  • 611420 Computer Software Training
  • 423430 Wholesale Computer Software
  • 443120 Computer Software and Accessories
  • NSA IC/ARC Approved Vendor
  • ISO-270001, NST 800-171 + 800-53, NFA-RB and SANS CSC certified 
  • DISA Certified Approved Products
  • DoD Certified Approved Products