Leadership Team

CEO / Chief Software Architect

Hugh Douthit

(727) 314 7544 Ext. 101 


Acting Federal VP of Sales 

Brad Lewis

(240) 462-1939, 727-314-7544 x 108


CBDO - VP Sales & Marketing 

Larry Davenport

(727) 314 7544 Ext. 103 

ldavenport@amt-usc.com (Feb 1st, 2021)

US and International Sales Offices
AMT CEO HQ and Channel Partner Inquiries

Hugh Douthit, Orlando, FL
(727) 314 7544 Ext. 101

Vice President of Sales US-acting West Coast

Larry Davenport , Oklahoma, OK
(727) 314 7544 Ext. 103 

Acting VP Federal Executive-Washington, DC

Brad Lewis, Annapolis, MD
(727) 314 7544 Ext. 105


Business Development Executive-Central US

Jean Prince  
(727) 314-7544 Ext 106

International Sales: QRWAYBILL Sarl

Walter Richner
17, route du Marais, CH-1860 Aigle, Geneva, Switzerland
+41 79 446 2988

Business Development Executive-East Coast 

Bill Gulas 
(727) 314-7544 Ext 102


Software Development Offices


USA Sales, Support and Development Centers 
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Orlando, FL
  • (2020) St. Petersburg, FL
  • Annapolis, MD  
  • Washington, DC
  • Chatham, NJ
  • (2020) Crystal City, DC

International Sales

  • London, England
  • Geneva, Switzerland






AMT-USC LLC, the SD-VOSB leader In: "Quantum Software, AI, Secure Communications, IDaM Multi Biometric CCA OneCard User ICAM

“All AMT-USC Solutions are White House Presidential Directive National Defense Needs”

AMT-USC "No Compromise

From NASA probes to Army CyberQuest 2020, to intelligence unhackable Quantum communications, from photon dual state quantum entanglement in today’s electronic systems, to White Sands to NRL, offering twin coherent mirrored AI Aurora Quantum pattern recognition, to DARPA to the USAF, from AI big data analytics to Quantum enhanced supercomputing high performance systems connecting to photon entangled networks to NRC + DoD QFPGAS.

AMT-USC delivers like none before, setting the standard for all others to follow. This is here, this is now, this is AMT-USC!

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