Leadership Team

CEO / Chief Cyber Architect

Hugh Douthit

(727) 314 7544 Ext. 101 


Federal VP of Sales 

Jim Fischer

(540) 898 2055


CBDO - VP Sales & Marketing 

Larry Davenport

(727) 314 7544 Ext. 103 

ldavenport@amt-usc.com (May 1st, 2019)

US and International Sales Offices
AMT CEO HQ and Channel Partner Inquiries

Hugh Douthit Orlando, FL
(727) 314 7544 Ext. 101

CBDO-VP Sales and Marketing

Larry Davenport , Oklahoma, OK
(727) 314 7544 Ext. 103 

Business Development Executive-Gulf Coast

Julie Barecki New Orleans, LA
(727) 314 7544 Ext. 105


Business Development Executive-Central US

Jean Prince
(727) 314-7544 Ext 106

International Sales: QRWAYBILL Sarl

Walter Richner
17, route du Marais, CH-1860 Aigle, Geneva, Switzerland
+41 79 446 2988

Business Development Executive-East Coast 

Bart Jackson
(727) 314-7544 Ext 102


Software Development Offices


USA Sales, Support and Development Centers 
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Cary, NC
  • Chatham, NJ
  • Coming January 2019 Crystal City, DC

International Sales
  • London, England
  • Geneva, Switzerland

AMT-USC “No Compromise”


Biometric ID User Authentication -Bio Aware and Defend User Authentication -End Point/Server  Malware-Real Time Enterprise Network All Points Monitoring Defense -Instant Global Alert-Respond-Counter Response real time with enhanced software and electro mechanical beepmusic integration and leading AI-ML adaptive learning....


Zero Trust-Continuous Awareness-All Point Cyber Protection and Cyber hub...


This is AMT-USC “No Compromise” Cyber Defense 


From DARPA co-development to the DoD and Federal Security Agencies and now Defense Prime Contractors. 

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