AMT Cyber Security

Service Suite


Security Intelligence

Country studies / threat assessments
24/7 accountability and location monitoring of travelers
Intelligence production
Event alerts
Threat Assessments
Event/Personnel monitoring/Impact analysis
Dark & Deep web analysis
Monitor for PII, company name, keyword traffic


Security Consulting

Training (active shooter, customer service, situational awareness, verification's, incident response)
Protection In-Depth Analysis


Risk Management (Cyber & Physical)

Assessments and mitigation plans
Risk reduction
Security Breifings
Asset Visualization (risk area overlays)
Real time location tracking (assets, people)
Provide recommendations for mitigation strategy


Mass Notification

Emergency and Special events
Continual  -SafeKey
Verified Communications
Shooter Detection


Cyber Intelligence

Malware Discovery
PII, PCI, IP tracking  (dark and deep web searches)
Penetration testing
Security Audits
Protection in depth





Mass Notification System "TotalAlert" "Metis Alert" "SafeKey"

  • Desktop alerts, SMS, phone calls, emails, and push notifications
  • Capture and report accountability –situation awareness
  • Specify group recipients by location or association
  • SafeKey GPS track, Geo-fencing and two way communication
  • Shooter Detection Systems


Service Solutions

  • Add risk visualization through local monitoring (AMT)
  • Provide intelligence alerts
  • Track travelers –e/verifications
  • Real time communications
  • Monitor dark & deep web for client data (PII and PCI) 
  • Include threat assessments
  • Situation Awareness
  • Software Integration 
  • Quick mass notification and accountability
  • Campus mass notification
  • Custom Software solutions

Crisis Management

  • Planning and training
  • Communications / Public Relations
  • Proactive discovery of events