AMT-USC partnered with Plurilock Security Solutions is the first to offer to the US commercial and government market sectors, a real-time cybersecurity solution that uses artificial intelligence to identify, prevent, and eliminate insider threats, securing the enterprise and ensuring compliance with requirements in financial, healthcare, and federal organizations. Our flagship product, BioTracker, continuously monitors how users interact with keyboard, mouse and or/touchscreen to compute a unique biometric signature for that user. We combine these biometrics, along with cognitive, contextual and network signals in our risk engine to detect and take action on attackers in real-time. Our solution provides continuous authentication for enterprises to detect and prevent cyber-attacks before they occur. This is unparalleled proactive security measures compared to today’s common reactive solutions.

Plurilock BioTracker Friction less Threat Mitigation End users don’t notice BioTracker because it runs in the background without any need for user involvement. This makes it the ideal balance between convenience and security as users don’t need to do anything other than their day to day work, while BioTracker protects against the threats.

Stolen Credentials
Whether it’s through a phishing attack, data leak, user carelessness, or other means, once attackers gain access to user credentials, they can cause limitless harm and be difficult to detect. BioTracker will quickly act when it detects anomalies in user behavior and therefore prevent the attacker from causing damage.
Password / Account Sharing
Named licenses for online services are often shared between users, which creates both a security risk as well as loss of revenue for SaaS organizations. BioTracker can recognize the registered user by the way they enter their UserID and password while logging into your web page and can act when the biometric Profile doesn’t match.
User Substitution
Outsourcing organizations occasionally substitute users without the client’s knowledge or consent, which puts your systems and data at risk. BioTracker ensures that the person using your systems is the same person you vetted.
Insider Threat
Most internal bad actors will use other people’s credentials or workstations, which makes them harder to detect and identify. BioTracker will very quickly recognize that the current user’s biometric profile does not match that of the account owner, and can log them out. Going even further, BioTracker can be used to identify the attacker if the profile exists in the system.
Remote Access Trojan
Whether the workstation is locally or remotely accessed, BioTracker is able to check against the authorized user’s biometric profile and lock them out if it’s not a match.
Identity Assurance, Beyond Authentication
BioTracker covers a blindspot in cybersecurity, the time AFTER a user has been authenticated and has an active session.
USB / Rubber Ducky Attacks
USB-based attacks mostly rely on typing commands in quick succession on the workstation without the user knowing. This may fool the user, but it doesn’t fool BioTracker, which will quickly detect the abnormally fast typing and act accordingly, preventing the script from fully executing.
Phishing Attacks
Even though BioTracker cannot stop the user from clicking on that malicious link, it can detect the intruder once they use the stolen credentials to login or take actions within the stolen account.
Attribute Actions to Users
BioTracker can be used to help find out who took which action. By analyzing the biometric signature of any actions, BioTracker can search the existing user profiles to find possible matches, therefore helping you confirm that the user was on the keyboard at the time.
User Carelessness
BioTracker can help prevent attacks that occur because users leave their computers unattended and unlocked, or who use easy-to-guess passwords, and thus make it easy to use their accounts. By quickly locking them out if the biometric profile doesn’t match, damage is minimized.
Passive, pervasive MFA
BioTracker is an invisible link in your authentication chain as it provides an additional authentication factor that is so user friendly, your users don’t know it’s there.
Regulatory Compliance
Whether it’s for NIST 800-171, ISO 27001, HIPAA, FINRA regulations, FISMA, or other cybersecurity standards or regulations, BioTracker is a valuable tool in your toolbox.

AMT-USC LLC officially announces the authorized U.S. sales of Plurilock’s BioTracker “behavioral monitoring” continuous user validation cybersecurity platform software. Plurilock’s AI-powered behavior-based platform distinguishes between authorized users and intruders by analyzing the unique behavioral patterns of authorized users and blocking access when unrecognized behavior occurs. Unlike traditional multifactor and CAC-based authentication, which provide only a single-point-in-time identity validation.

Plurilock’s proof-of-presence software continuously authenticates users. After being installed, the software takes about 20 minutes to learn users’ keystroke style and speed, mouse use and other behaviors on laptops, desktops, and servers to create a profile. Using this information, Plurilock can then continuously validate that the current user is the authorized user, providing corporations and governments complete visibility into who, when and where users are on the network at all times. Plurilock’s software operates entirely in the background, requires no direct user interaction, and reduces the average breach detection time from more than six months to less than 30 seconds.


Authentication beyond Login
BioTracker uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to confirm your users’ identity even after they have logged in by learning the way they use the keyboard and mouse, BioTracker then continuously monitors this behavior and acts when it doesn’t match the registered user.

Multi-Factor Authentication
During login, BioTracker can be used as an additional factor for authentication by learning the way your users type their password or PIN (for CAC authentication) to silently protect the account.

Passive or Aggressive, or Both
If an anomaly is detected, the user can be challenged to re-authenticate, admins notified, network privileges revoked, or the event just logged in the background. All instantly and silently without user involvement or knowledge. 

Quick Learner
When first installed, BioTracker takes about 20 minutes of regular use to generate a profile for each user. Once enrolled, the user account is then protected, with logs being sent to the server.

Continuous Learner
Human behavior changes over time, and varies from day to day, which is why BioTracker continuously learns your users’ behavior, even after they are enrolled, and has the ability to adjust to variances in human behavior without compromising security.

Detect Intrusions, Act in Seconds
BioTracker takes seconds to detect and react to intrusions, which is a far cry from the average 200 days it takes the industry to detect and react to intrusions without BioTracker.

BioTracker Protects Against

Account Impersonation

✓Password / Credentials Sharing

✓Stolen Credentials

✓User Substitution

✓Remote Access Trojan

✓Rubber Ducky Attacks

✓Insider Threats

✓User Carelessness