A Biometric ID Codeveloped with DARPA            

• P5-ID represents the next generation of biometric ID and access control systems. No long passwords to remember. No personal or work computer chip reader hardware driver or operating system version conflicts. This is a CAC migration/co-exist to sunset of CAC solution codeveloped with DARPA.
• This allows inexpensive CR80 card stock to be used and costs to be greatly reduced. Because the encrypted P5-ID barcode will not read if altered. network security rules and other sensitive information are also embedded within the barcode for protection.
• P5's hyper-compression allows standard PDF-417 barcodes to hold unchanging biometric templates. PIV information. and all security forensic and data handling rules in a multi-layered "data strata" matrix. The matrix is encrypted differently at each layer. isolating what each machine-code reader can see.


• Provides the highest available levels of encryption and data compression technology to secure information
• Multilayer authentication cross domain level capable
• Field tested to be rugged. out lasting and holding far more information than chip methods
• Ability to use QR Code or standard bar code.
• System is passive and does not require direct/online access to servers
• Card can be fitted for legacy systems including RFID, magnetic stripe, holograms. etc.


Field tested in Afghanistan at the National Civil Order Police training facility {ANCOP}. The tracking and forensics information provided by P5-ID resulted in the exposure and arrest of Taliban Agents

• Used at USMC air wing in Buford. SC for perimeter gate access
• 2009 - 2014 used as State of Florida FRAC {first responder credential}. Ability to function without network allowed EMA services to work even in catastrophic conditions
• 2014 P5 ID was adopted for use by the Dept of Health and Human Services for it Incident Response and Coordination Team

• P5-ID supports the NERVS QR- Code tracking and verification barcode for iPhone and Android devices
• Uses FBI FIPS-201 fingerprint and Iris (optional) biometrics and can be equipped with dual biometrics authentication by adding key stroke timing etc.