AI Aurora is a Behavioral and Threat Analysis Engine that is Security/threat intelligence platform. Combining discovery, analytics, virtualization and immediate response.

 AURORA is a highly refined, signals and anomaly detection platform now with Quantum enhanced (QES) pattern detection. It is focused on the ability to identify and map data, Intelligence and behavior quantitatively by measuring complex individual associations, on a vast scale. This produces highly accurate understanding and measurement of exactly how information is perceived by its audience, and what factors most significantly influence behavior. It currently is in use by the Federal Intelligence Agencies. Insider risk and external threats are addressed. This system has many more advanced features. Used by US intelligence security agencies. Request Product PDF's.

AI/Trident Big Data collector funnel via Lensed data for Analytic custom reports and data specific access.

AMT-USC Trident Big Data Analytics Funnel access needs to any big data information with filtered results by custom created lensing (especially useful in active, Oil, Intelligence, Financial and Battle Edge environments) for data analytics, real time, this system cannot be overwhelmed.  TRIDENT technology is a commercially available enterprise software platform that enables the “digital enterprise” by providing a single interface to all of an organization’s internal data or external data (supplied by Aurora) with all of its enterprise tools without requiring traditional integration.

This technology makes any and all data or enterprise information available on a single user interface by uniting legacy systems, applications and even external data feeds at the presentation layer, not the data layer and therefore provides decision-makers instant, intuitive access to the data and tools they need to make better decisions faster. The platform enables user directed visual querying - a user is able to perform hundreds or thousands of queries to countless disparate data sources with just a click or a drag of a mouse. The data is routed into analytical tools and the output is then rendered on user interface. The platform enables collaboration of all types (e.g., same time and place / different time and place / same time different place / different time same place). Request Product PDF's.

 AMT-USC Athena AI Logistics. Athena integrates disparate applications to provide a unified view of site operations and increase operator productivity. Patent-protected technology triggers condition-based inventory placement and optimizes warehouse layout. Athena technology can help you spot bottlenecks in traffic patterns, hotspot tracking, identify problem areas and provide helpful cues to use in training to improve on-the-job safety. See PDF.

 This has been integrated the Intelligent Security Shield for shipping security protection and theft detection system. With Athena Warehouse, expect to see decreased operational costs, increased efficiencies, and better business outcomes. Request Product PDF's.


AMT-USC Titanium is an enterprise network mapping 

AMT-USC Titanium AI is a true that AI provides comprehensive detailed data intelligence from all of your current, legacy and virtual infrastructures to provide the most advanced customized data analytics, visualization, and cyber domain awareness.

The AI software incorporates machine learning and artificial narrow intelligence to discover, identify, analyze, baseline, monitor and create alert response procedures around anomalies in your data repositories.This enables automated intelligence to defend your data from ingested systems such as endpoints, servers, switches, firewalls, IoT,/A/V devices, VSAT, virtual infrastructures and hyper-converged/cloud infrastructure in to a single-pane-of-glass. The AI provides a future state autonomous operational platform for both the security of your data governance and to help reduce your business risk by enabling your data to visualize threats before they become a problem. Request Product PDF's.



Experience in Artificial Intelligence is what counts-AMT has been doing this for five years plus.