AMT-USC AI Behavioral Analytics engines. AMT-USC AURORA is a highly refined, pattern detection platform. It is focused on the ability to identify and map behavior quantitatively by measuring complex individual associations, on a vast scale. This produces highly accurate understanding and measurement of exactly how information is perceived by its audience, and what factors most significantly influence behavior. It currently is in use by the Federal Intelligence Agencies.

 AMT-USC Logistics AI engine with complete logistics monitoring: Inventory ordered, receiving, inventory, shipping, customer receipt-heat-spot mapping with twenty four hours a day AI mapping and learning-DHL is installing world wide. 

AMT-USC ATHENA is a  AI engine to access exponentially expanding big data to access any information desired to be analyzed by custom created lensing (especially useful in active battle environments), this system cannot be overwhelmed by Conduce.

AMT-USC Titanium AI Software Engine is a enterprise network mapping to all end points including IoT/NHID, device averaging-24x7 monitoring information, with real time forensic and reports analytics, with real time anomaly detection cyber defense hacker alerting by Tagmata.

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Integrated security details,
metrics and applied analytics of
vulnerability vectors and realtime
information to support
threat intelligence and

Instant access to data control
violations and usage policies
based on network connections

Providing application flow plus
diagrams for traffic, IP
Addressing, SDN, Open
Source and NoOps
compatibilities for automation
and API integration
Mapping and alerts from
firewalls, VDOMs, vCluster
and VLANs of potential
abnormal network behavior
The ability to visualize your
your data logs at the most
granular level at the click of a

Integrated Machine Learning
and Artificial Narrow
Intelligence platform

Experience in Artificial Intelligence is what counts-AMT has been doing this for four years or longer