Mass Notification Alert Software "Total Alert" by AMT-USC

As of March 2017, by independent expert survey, Total Alert/Desktop Alert is rated 3rd in mass notification software sales and installations in the world. This independent rating was based on number of installations, customer satisfaction, ease of use and product stability. We are rated number 2 in the US market in Healthcare. Why have we had growth this consistent, this fast? Total Alert is the only standards built Mass Notification software offered in the US that is dually certified by DoD and NATO.

AMT-USC Total Alert is a product that continues to advance to new heights. Proven repeatedly to be the fastest most advanced standards built platform in response notification delivery time "in under a minute" in the market today. Field proved with over 12 years of selling mass notification solutions with over 1300 installations and 4 million users.

The most cost effective most field proven offering in the market. Installs as a Virtual Server with less than 2GB of overhead.

Installs in hours, requires no data entry after the initial active directory import, training in hours, change and launch alerts from your phone or desktop, Fob GPS locate/help, one to many media interface. IPAWS and CAP interface built in. Connects by API to most security, fire and building systems. Virtually support free.

When critical event notification and protection of executives and staff is off paramount importance now, time is of importance. Total Alert is the leading healthcare solution.

When critical event notification and protection of executives and staff is off paramount importance now, time is of importance. Total Alert is the solution.

AMT Total Alert offers the following options: The only 100% accurate Shooter Detection software and sensor suite, Metis Alert common space/public space mass notification with Help Stations, SafeKey GPS two way communicate GPS locate and panic fob. Digital DNA and Biometrics. Instant, geospatial and Media Situation Awareness. End to end workflow methodology, not a partial solution, this is a total ecosystem of understanding, planning and delivery. This is AMT-USC.

This includes the number one and only standards built Mass Notification software Total Alert certified by DoD and NATO AMT Total Alert. Total Alert is a product that continues to advance to new heights. Field proved with over 10 years of installations, proven to be the fastest standards built platform in response notification time in the market today with installation in hours when critical event notification and protection of executives and staff is off paramount importance now. AMT Total Alert offers the following options: Shooter Detection software and sensor suite, Beacon Help Stations, SafeKey GPS locate and panic fob. Instant, geospatial and Media Situation Awareness. Digital DNA and Biometrics.
4D active mapping tool that provides concurrent detailed “layers” of information for a single operating picture. Geo-spatial Awareness – accurately Geo-locate and visualize assets within a building down to the floor or manage the world if you are a enterprise user. Multimedia Visualization – layer different data feeds on a single screen to better visualize what is happening during an event or for day to day information management. Multiple Map integration – leading mapping technologies that has been proven effective by the government or commercial entities. Multidimensional Timeline – view events in real-time or for digital auditing you can reverse or fast forward in time with relevant information.
An innovative solution to keep a “pulse” on open source and proprietary data relevant to your organization. Multiple data feeds are fused together into one picture giving your organization a picture of what is happening around you while integrating your people locally or on travel, with actionable information. Real-Time Analytic's – automatically monitor open source and proprietary data for trends relevant to your organization Web-Based Dashboard – track valuable assets in seconds with the touch of a button Data Fusion – optimize integration of multiple types of information Notification Tools – receive custom indicators when resources need attention Data Synthesizer – combine real-time open source social media data with real-time event data.
A fully integrated system is the number one solution in the market today. Combining the industry’s fastest and most reliable gunshot detection product with the world’s fastest mass notification system, AMT Total Alert. Once a weapon has been fired, two key events instantly occur: An infrared flash and an acoustic bang. The Guardian sensors both “see” and “hear” both of those events, processes the information and declares a shot alert with certainty to the user. The sensors allow for 40’ of 180 or 360-degree coverage. Each sensor install requires a cabled network drop and a building floor-plan for ID and location verification. Working together as one solution, the software/sensor capabilities provides pinpoint shot location, instant notification to first responders, alerting via Total Alert to and including social media, indoor and exterior speakers, computer monitors, telephones, mobile devices intrusion and fire alarms. The customizable software embedded in the Guardian solution monitors the Guardian sensors and provides audio and visual information to the Total Alert Mass Notification system that then sends messages by phone, SMS, email notifications, mobile app and pop up for shot alerts by sending warnings to building occupants and if connected to the emergency personnel. The AMT Total Alert and the Guardian solution is designed to connect to existing client security panel via relay output interface. Total Alert offers easy Integration with third-party security and fire systems.

AMT TotalAlert provides the platform for highly secure and unified communications to individuals, response teams, staff, visitors, and management.  TotalAlert provides organizations the optimal tool for rapid, efficient, and precise communications to protect people and property, minimize downtime, quell rumors or misinformation, and lessen the potential financial impact of a business interruption.  Total Alert is multi-media enabled mass communication that rapidly delivers rich media content such as, text, video, images, copy, web links, and more to a myriad of end-points.


Significant business interruptions occur one or more times per year in the average business organization. However, almost daily there is a need to get information out to personnel quickly, efficiently, and securely. Business interruptions can result in thousands of hours of lost productivity and revenue and; potentially, endanger personnel and/or public safety.   Common causes of interruptions can range from severe storms, floods, chemical spills, accidents, power outages, system crashes, computer viruses, human error, and more. 


During interruptions, the difference between a mere inconvenience and a full disaster is often driven by two critical factors, preparedness and communication.  Whether your scenario is training, exercise, recalls, corporate messaging, or a true emergency; timely and accurate information and notification is critical.  People react to disasters with or without the necessary information. Decisions will be made. Perhaps the wrong decisions. Correct information, relayed quickly, can spell the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster.


Tragic events like those experienced at Virginia Tech, at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and in the Ft. Hood shootings have generated even greater awareness of the need for improved public safety through swift mass communication. Organizations are reviewing their policies, practices, and systems and finding that nearly every department and function has a need for, and will benefit from, improved communications. Many organizations are discovering that the disparate systems in-place are inadequate, inefficient, and outdated.


TotalAlert is an enterprise-wide unified mass communication system that makes use of the organizations’ in-place infrastructure in conjunction with other digital and mobile devices.  Alerts, notifications, and bulletins are delivered in multi-media through computer pop-ups, text messages, emails, voice messages, mobile smartphone application, and interface/integration with other systems.  TotalAlert is a DestktopAlert product provided by AMT.


TotalAlert provides the greatest spectrum of mass notification tools and technologies in a single easy-to-use web-based platform.  Additionally, TotalAlert supports the activation of alerts via multiple external systems (ex. fire alarm systems, giant voice and public address systems, cellular and satellite devices …) AMT has added the alert devices and options; panic buttons, community connect, digital connect, active shooter, media situation awareness, 4D, building locate, crowd sourcing, geo-spatial GPS tracking, X-Ray encrypted transmission software with secure update, intelligent alert key fobs and much more.

Single secure platform for rapid alert notifications (Emergencies, corporate/administrative notifications, IT system support, severe weather, business continuity.) unlimited applications for rapid, secure, documented communications


Turn PCs, digital displays, and employee, staff & student cell phones into powerful safety devices.  This results in a massive “Risk” reduction


Provides an easy and effective way to send broadcast or targeted alerts and notifications as pop-ups, text messages, emails, voice messages, smartphone alerts or to activate other devices and systems


Rapidly notify employees, staff, students and visitors of critical events, respond faster to emergencies, and significantly improve public safety and communication.


Makes use of in-place infrastructure.  No proprietary hardware required


Utilizes standards based software without the requirement for special ports, network protocols, or firewall tunnels


Annual License – no capital expenditure. Perpetual license – no recurring license renewals


Flexible configuration options allow customized setup and usage to accommodate organizational policies and procedures


Minimal administration required, automatically updates users and groups based on active directory interface


Reduced resources and costs


No special IT or programming skills required to create and execute alerts and notifications


Create user defined groups and keywords




Full alert history

Single secure platform for all alerts, notifications, and bulletins


·         Unlimited Computer Pop-up Alerts


·         Unlimited eMail Alerts


·         Unlimited Administrator Accounts


·         Unlimited Moderator Accounts


·         Unlimited Customized Distribution Groups


·         Unlimited Templates and Scenarios


·         Unlimited Assignable Alert Activation Icons


·         Standards Built and ease of use:


Makes use of the in-place IT computational infrastructure – no proprietary hardware requirements – no additional hardware requirements


·         Extensible and scalable architecture designed to accommodate expansion and interfacing


·         Easy-to-use, no special computer skills required, know how to use a PC, you can use Total Alert


·         Integration with email systems and active directory – automatically updates at a set interval


·         Selectable alert/notification distribution by individual, groups, IP ranges, or any combination


Standards built to DoD Requirements and Certification, we can interface to virtually all software and hardware products resulting in easy interfacing.

·         IT and Support Center          


·         Emergency Preparedness


·         Security


·         Administration & Nursing


·         Safety & Facilities Management


·         Corporate Communications

·         Public Safety


·         Executive, Sales and HR use


·         Provides a single enterprise-wide easy-to-use platform to consolidate mass notification needs


·         Reduce risk


·         Improve efficiency through better communication


·         Minimize business disruptions


·         Maximizes investment in organizational infrastructure


·         Redundant communications


·         Replaces multiple single function systems

·         Customer provided a pre-installation checklist


·         Kick-off conference call to review checklist, confirm configuration, and schedule the Implementation


·         Most implementations are accomplished remotely in less than two hours


·         TotalAlert Software is loaded on customer or reseller supplied server


·         Connections made to customer or reseller supplied SQL db


·         Connection is made to customer’s active directory


·         Client application is loaded on a few select computers for testing purposes


·         Testing of TotalAlert features and functions while simultaneously training


·         Client application is pushed out to PCs and other devices via customer supplied SCCM or LAN Manager or similar tool

Being standards based we can connect to virtually any software or hardware


AMT  "Total Alert" Products created by DesktopAlert:


TotalAlert is a USCMNS solution. Commonly referred to as a unified secure communication mass notification software product. By combining our partners length of time in business in the market, we offer 13 years of mass notification software experience. No competitive product offers this. 


We  are one of the original and only 1 of 2 fully federally certified, federally standards built, most federally awarded, number one rated and number one federally purchased  product by the entire US Military complex including; NORAD, US Northern Command and NATO. We are growing to number one in the  healthcare (with over 60 medical facilities US wide using the software), commercial businesses, city/state, education and a growing list of non military Federal agencies. 


Total Alert was rated as the "Best Mass Notification software" for the 5th year in a row.


TotalAlert was originally designed  as a cutting edge standards built solution, we not a proprietary software  design as most competitive products offerings are. Total Alert is  standards built to the US military's requirements results with ease of integration with virtually any software or hardware product in the market today. When safety matters, time matters, why accept a  proprietary product solution that requires weeks of  installation followed by weeks of training?  Why accept a solution that requires expensive support and expensive integration's along with expensive retraining when required by employee staff changes? Why be required to buy expensive custom single application servers when you have invested millions in your infrastructure?  


TotalAlert by AMT,  is standards built, this means we can install our software in hours on your existing servers using your active directory, we can train in hours. All the features, all the power, installed in hours, yet more cost effective than most if not all competitors.  When time, staff security and standards matter, AMT TotalAlert is your solution. We send verified messages and alerts in seconds, yes seconds verses minutes for our competitors.


This is the superiority of AMT TotalAlert, this is why we are the leader in unified secure communication mass notification software field. TotalAlert is selling across the entire northern continent and in 12 countries and growing. AMT is a global supplier of the most advanced product solution in this business segment. 


AMT further offers fully integrated products enhanced solutions options for Total Alert Mass Notification solution:


Active Shooter Detection

SafeKey GPS locator and panic assist fob

Digital DNA and Biometrics

Beacon help stations

Instant and media situation awareness

4D building GPS view and locate with reverse time look up

GPS geospatial/crowd sourcing

GPS location software solutions

Encrypted X-Ray Transmission software 

We pioneered Mass Notification Software sales with DesktopAlert and now Unified Secure Communications solutions of TotalAlert by AMT.

 AMT is following the innovations of our standards built federally approved USCMNS solution. AMT offers optional upgrades for Digital DNA/Biometrics, Active Shooter, Beacon Help Stations, SafeKey GPS Fob's, Encrypted X-Ray transmission with secure response software, Air Transportation level X-Ray and commercial building X-Ray systems, Instant Situation Awareness, Media Situation Awareness, 4D building, Crowd and geospatial sourcing and GPS software solutions. We continue to design, create and deliver software cutting edge solutions to the largest companies in the world. 


Used by over 50 major Healthcare facilities across the US; HCA, Promedica, UCLA Health, Jewish Hospital, US Army Medial Department, Atlantic Health System, Northridge Hospital, Riverside Hospital and many more.


With nurse on call Fob's, SafeKey GPS  Fob's, active shooter alert, integration into security and intrusion systems, general HR, Management and IT use.


Isn't time your facility purchased Total Alert? 


  • Multi-modal (PCs, Cell phones, Tablets, standard Phones, Smartphone App, cellular panic devices, Giant Voice, …)
  • Multi-media (Text, Images, Video, Sound, Links, attachments…)
  • Virtual and Physical Alert Launch buttons and devices (Panic buttons)
  • Built-in ControlByWeb™, WebRelay™ module for interface with other alarm systems and building systems
  • Real-time alert history tracking with acknowledgements and data/time stamp
  • Multiple levels of system roles and privileges
  • Built-in Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) module for sending and receiving standards based alerts from and between other systems (National Severe Weather Alerts, Interface to alert beacons…)
  • Microsoft Azure Back-End Supported Mobile Applications Platform
  • Installation in two hours or less. No vendor onsite engineers required.
  • Standards and Certifications:
  • Air Force, Army, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) certified
  • NATO World-wide Certification-Total Alert is standards based.
  • Annual or perpetual Licensing
  • Now with media awareness capability, 4D building locate with geo-spatial GPS tracking and encrypted X-ray transmission with secure notification of results optional upgrades.