Total Alert Mass Notification Software:

TotalAlert is a world class provider of Secure, Targeted and Unified Communication mass notification solutions. We are now proud to offer hospitals and other healthcare organizations the Total Alert platform. Whether it is responding to a major medical emergency or informing staff of a system outage, many healthcare organizations are seeking vastly improved methods to notify their staff, visitors, and patients with critical information. The good news is that the effective placement of a time-sensitive notification can dramatically improve the rapid response by the healthcare community.

Total Alert is the most advanced, field tested and time proven Mass Notification solution in the market today. An independent survey released in March 2017 rated "Total Alert/DTA" 2nd in the US Healthcare market. Over 80 US medical facilities have selected the AMT-USC Total Alert/DTA solution.

This survey was based on number of installations, customer satisfaction, ease of use, ease of installation/training, product advancement, security and stability.

Total Alert is the only non-proprietary open standards built Mass Notification software offered in the USA. Dually certified by DoD and NATO. 

Our Total Alert software is the perfect solution for your Healthcare facility to meet all HHS-CMS Requirements for Emergency Preparedness.

  • Installs in 2-3 hours as a virtual server-premise/backup or premise/cloud.  Training and Education in 3-4 hours
  • Establishes primary and alternate means for communicating with Healthcare staff and management, as well as local Emergency Management Agencies.
  • Panic buttons, launch from phone or desk top, change alerts on the fly. Reverse IP lookup
  • Preset with CMS alert scenarios
  • Multiple levels of management and rule allowances. Easy to use and understand
  • All integrated, designed to work individually or as one unified enterprise system.

November 15, 2017, your CMS Emergency Preparedness plan must be in place.

For years, emergency preparedness for hospitals and healthcare systems was handled primarily through certification with TJC, The Joint Commission. Effective November 15, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services came out with their own guidelines. A review from a large University found that if your facility is only Joint Commission certified you will only meet a low percentage of the new CMS Emergency Preparedness Guidelines. Healthcare facilities have until November 15, 2017 to come into compliance.

Plans and Communicating for CMS Emergency Preparedness

Did you realize that over one quarter of the new guidelines involve communication requirements? AMT-USC offers a building block solutions set, all fully integrated, all fully tested, all fully field proven. When looking deeper into the plans you will find the main building block is a well-devised emergency preparedness plan.  From alerts, to drills, to evacuation you'll need the ability to communicate as rapidly as possible. During events you need to reach medical and other hospital staff through a variety of means from text messages, emails, mobile, phone calls, popups and more.  One type of communication attempt is no longer considered enough to meet the guidelines, that will no longer meet criteria. Total Alert is the answer for your facility.

How Total Alert Mass Notification software by AMT-USC can help your Healthcare Facility meet the mandated HHS-CMS requirements:

Manage scheduling to reach all staff – Total Alert can send 1 or more than 100,000 messages in 3-5 seconds (fastest in the world) and can handle up to 1,000,000 messages per minute. Everything verified and monitored real time and post with full reporting. Automatic resend to “not opened.” Know immediately who has and has not received the alerts.

Use provided CMS templates and alert scenarios to quickly communicate with staff, management, and patients. Contact local community by user/group setup or by use of digital friends and family mobile application. Our Master templates are already in place to match six HHS-CMS mandated categories. Unlimited additional templates and alert scenarios.  

Emergency launch buttons for desktops or laptops, tablets or smart phones (Apple, Blackberry and Android). Change alerts and launch them from your mobile phones or desktops as needed. Using text, voice, imbedded videos, banners, popups and more.

Network version of reverse 911, broadcast alert to an IP range, any user that is logged in this IP range will receive the alert (Total Alert fully records history of who, where, when alert was received, user name,  IP address and computer name.)

If user moves to different system, Total Alert is “Dynamic”, when user logs in Total Alert logs in at the different system, the user name, IP address and name of system where user logs in is recorded by Total Alert automatically!

Assigned users can launch any scenario from our Mobile Alert (your mobile phone).

Can connect to building management, fire, intrusion and to most PA systems software by contact relay interface (electro mechanical systems, dry contact)

Total Alert voice can call PA system and broadcast the selected voice message. Text to voice by audio port additionally. Can optionally install a control unit to broadcast via speaker systems.

IPAWS and CAP interface options for connection to police, sheriffs, national guard, FEMA and the National Weather Service, seamlessly.

Assign management levels to individuals, determine level of authority & control by managers, departments, floors, specialties, groups in any combination.

Use IT Alerting system to keep tabs on the status of your IT Servers, energy needs, power systems, A/C systems for the hospital by broadcasting updates and changes on the fly.

Adapt messaging for broadcast to the local community with use of Digital Connect downloadable app or One to many media interface by push technology.

Offers cloud back up or back up facility option, cloud Total Alert Cloud or backup server can broadcast messages to staff phone, smart phones, pads and laptops by WiFi or cellular or internet.

Broadcast on the world’s largest and most advanced communication company's global network, not your lines.

With the Total Alert Healthcare system your healthcare organization has a unified emergency alert system with a centralized distribution console capable of targeting response teams, staff, clinics, common areas, and visitors simultaneously, informing them of the necessary steps to take in the event of an emergency.

Total Alert by AMT-USC is your HHS-CMS answer.