Unified Secure Communications-Mass Notification Alert software for State and Local

The number 1 mass notification product for cities, counties and state agencies!

Local and State Agencies and First responders have to react to common and dispatch alerts that can range from traffic incidents, public safety, riots, severe storms, floods, chemical spills, accidents, power outages, water and sewer issues, wide area network outages, system crashes, computer viruses, to human error and more.  During these times the difference between an inconvenience and a full disaster is often driven by two critical factors, preparedness and communication.  

Having a well thought out Emergency Preparedness plan is a first step.  Disseminating this plan to key personnel, training responders and staff, and exercising this plan prior to an actual emergency is essential. Whether it is preparation, training, exercise, recalls, or a true emergency, timely and accurate information and notification is critical. TotalAlert by AMT achieves these goals. 

A timely notification can make the difference between an inconvenience and a disaster for local Police departments, Sheriffs and City and State officials. All Agencies that use TotalAlert can communicate effortlessly with each other and we can integrate TotalAlert with most known software systems.

TotalAlert can be interfaced with FEMA, the National Weather Service, Homeland Security and all 50 State National or Air Guard unit broadcasts, alerts and updates.

Precise notification and verification, affordable, and the fastest delivered available on the market. AMT provides the solution.


Offering Total Alert via the most rapid (rated the fastest delivered mass notification alerts against all others by independent agencies) delivered alerts.

Managed and assignable levels of administration. Mobile Launch and change on the fly alert mobile ability.

Create and manage large sets of alerts and scenarios for auto launch in time of need.

Panic icons for desktop/laptop, Panic buttons on phone application.

Complete tracking real time with full reporting capabilities during the alert or post analysis.

Complete API integration into: All 50 National + Air Guards, National Weather Service, FEMA and DHS (They all  use Total Alert/DTA). CAP and IPAWS integrated.

Digital Connect for community, family and friends by simple app download for iPhone, Android, Microsoft and Blackberry phones.

Public "ACTION ALERT" tm Help Stations and software.

Full Field proven and tested API integration with "The Guardian Active shooter detection system.

GPS locate/track Bluetooth panic/help Fob's, belt, watch, pocket and more

The only DoD and NATO certified and implemented mass notification system offered. If the top two global defense agencies rely on Total Alert, your facility should also!

TotalAlert is a world class provider of Secure,Targeted and Unified Secure Communication mass notification solutions. We are now proud to offer Cities, Counties, First Responders and State Agencies a total alert platform. TotalAlert is a world class provider of Unified Secure, Targeted and Mass Notification technology solutions. “Total Alert State/Local”, whether it is responding to a major medical emergency or informing staff of a system outage, many Local/States are seeking vastly improved methods to notify their staff and visitors with critical information. The good news is that the effective placement of one, time-sensitive notification, can dramatically improve the rapid response by the Local/State community. 

With the Total Alert Local/State system your office or agency has a unified emergency alert system with a centralized distribution console capable of targeting response teams, staff, common areas, and visitors simultaneously, informing them of the necessary steps to take in the event of an emergency. 

Total Alert provides multi-modal capabilities delivering alerts through your in-place network of desktop computers, a range of blue-tooth devices, Fob's, digital displays and kiosks, phones, text messaging, beepers, public "Alert "  stations and public address systems. Multimedia alerts, bulletins, reminders, and more are easily and quickly prepared. Simple one button activation provides enterprise-wide mass notification. 

Total Alert Healthcare has been designed to integrate with computers (pop-ups or email), mobile phones, PA systems, LCD/Digital Signage, Public Alert Stations, VoIP phone systems, home phones, web pages and much more. Integration with these devices allows Total Alert Healthcare to provide Local/State Facilities with the ability to quickly communicate to their community 

Integration with your intrusion and fire medical facility systems, staff yes/no for duty Fob, SafeKey GPS locate, Bluetooth wireless panic wearable device, active shooter, HR notifications, weather and safety alerts, IT systems notification, executive notification and much more from TotalAlert for your City, County and State Agencies. The number one choice of Local/State and Federal Agencies, Total Alert.